Wednesday 27 April 2011

The squeezed middle

I don't watch News at 10 anymore: too much bad news before bedtime has the same side effects as a late night cheese sandwich - too many bad dreams starring Huw Edwards. But I still take a daily paper (for the crossword and Caitlin Moran, mainly) and I will always listen to the Today programme despite the irritating Thought For The Day and patronising weather bulletins.

So I keep up to speed with 'events of the day' and try and second guess what Cameron's Crazy Coalition will come up with next. But I, and many others it seems, struggle with the new lexicon that has suddenly sprung up. Big Society, AV, double dips, super injunctions. What does it all mean? And here's the latest meaningless flummery: the squeezed middle. Eh? You mean the poor saps who don't own their own home and haven't got a pot to piss in? Or the poor saps who do own their own home and still haven't got a pot to piss in?

Anyway, here's two choons that sum it all up; they may be separated by a quarter of a century but the message remains the same.


  1. John, I've stopped watching the news at 10 as well. If I get the paper I have time to calm down before the evening and try to rationalise the madness of the "new concepts". I don't think they really know themselves what they mean. But great music!!

  2. for a similar reason I bailed with Crimewatch years ago, after it put the frighteners on me. Also any Dracula related readings: the novel or comic adaptations..are a no-no before lights out.

    Somehow or other I came across the Aloe track last week. Very Gil Scott-Heron.

    On a similar riff, watch out for Thee Faction's new album Up The Workers due soon..

  3. Gerry, there's not enough cats being rescued from trees for my liking. Glad to hear that you can rationalise the madness - I gave up on that long ago.

    M - Maybe they should bring back Shaw (keep 'em peeled) Taylor and Police 5? Then we could all be on the lookout for Light Fingered Fred. When I was a kid I use to read the Fontana Ghost Stories - like you and Drac, I had to stop reading them a good hour before lights out.

    Blacc's voice reminds me of a young Bill Withers.

  4. No mainstream Telly news for me, sensationalist and depressing, celebrity fixated.

  5. I think I should stay away from the news... however I ought to feel more connection to the world in which I live...conundrum...

    "The squeezed middle" - why don't they just say - those of you who have a reasonably well paying job don't rely on government assistance and who frankly we need to take money off of in terms of continuing tax rises and/or removal of any hope of you getting any state help with anything so that we can pay of the debt and pay to bomb Libya.. Oh yes and while we're at it - don't think like we'll propose anything like a reasonable voting system so you can do anything about it in the future...