Monday, 4 April 2011

Germany calling

It appears that these days everything looks like Hitler: cats, houses, even babies. Remember when Bowie was caught on film at London's Victoria Station in '76 doing his now infamous Nazi salute? I suppose when you decamp to the Fatherland and record three back to back albums that are referred to as the Berlin trilogy, it must be tempting to try a sneaky Sieg Heil.

Then again, he did have previous.


  1. and don't forgret goldfish too JM.... Hitler is the latest 'must have' look.

  2. It's a rum one, this, isn't it? I think so much time has now passed since WW2 that it finally feels 'safe' to make these sorts of everyday comparisons. Hitler reduced to a simple set of emblematic visuals: fringe, silly tache (genocidal megalomania just out of shot)...

  3. I don't think that timing is the only factor in play; you've only got to think back to the weeks after 911 and remember all the Bin Laden gags going round. We live in a post modern, Frankie Boyle world (unfortunately), where everything and everybody (it seems) is fair game. And, as we all know, Chaplin beat everyone else to it anyway.

  4. Poor ol Blakey - must be kicking himself. He was the first Hitler lookalike surely?

    Bowie's German version of 'Heroes' Helden is fairly well documented, but dig about and you'll find a Fench versh, and Space Oddity in Italian