Wednesday 17 March 2010


It started when I couldn't read CD liner notes; I know a lot of people don't care who played bass on track 3 or where the album was mixed. But I do. So I was asking friends in the room to read them to me. Then it was menus. If the joint didn't have a photo of the dish (think greasy spoon or cheap and cheerful Indian) I was buggered. And then it was reading, watching TV and now driving: all activities I could do quite well, thank you, without the aid of bins. Now I carry them around permanently (when I'm not wearing them, that is) to the point of now needing 'looking for glasses' glasses when I mislay them.

So this afternoon when I came back from the Optician after being told my peepers had got worse, not better, since my last sight test, I'm seriously thinking of hanging them on a chain around my neck.

This is a beautiful short film by New York artist Danny Gregory who sums up in three minutes what it's like to be visually challenged.

I was only joking about the chain.


  1. Don't talk to me about glasses!!! I own way too many pairs.

    Fraid its one way traffic where peepers are concerned, they are unlikely to get any better with age sir!


  2. Mrs M has shocking eyesight (poor performance, not x-ray vision or owt). When I pass her something to read without her glasses/contacts, it gets held almost to the tip of her nose to be squinted at.

    And she's got floaters too, so landscapes and white rooms look all 'cobwebby'

    Great film by the way.