Monday 8 March 2010


In Legoland The Beatles have never split up. In Legoland John and Paul are still the best of friends wondering which album cover to parody next. In Legoland John doesn't get gunned down by a crazy stalker and Ringo has never heard of Thomas The Tank Engine. Lego Paul never recorded Mull Of Kintyre, nor did he marry a deranged Lego limpet called Heather.

I wonder if easyJet fly to Legoland? I think I'd like to take up residency there.

Oh, but hang on a minute. If The Beatles never split up, then who's this bunch of Lego scallies?Not content with ripping off the real Fab 4, Lego Noel has only gone and nicked the whole idea and put his own name to it. It appears nothing is sacred. Not even in Legoland.


  1. That is genius! I'd love to see an Abbey Rd refit. Or how about Electric Legoland?

  2. come on, you gotta think higher than that Mondo... got to be a Sgt Pepper recreation init?!! That'll keep em quiet for a bit!