Tuesday 11 June 2024

That Riviera Touch

Just back from a few days in Devon. Crammed loads in - Ian Prowse at the Barrel House in Totnes; played a couple of songs myself at the Bay Horse; had some lovely meals (and dark beers) in the Albert just over the river, and came back with a rude mug, a rather splendid guitar charm, a classic Generation X badge and a signed copy of Rory Stewart's Politics on the Edge. We pulled in a a couple of away days too - Kingsbridge, Burnham-on-Sea and Burgh Island. And went to Torquay on the train for the afternoon.

If I could sum Torquay up in just four photos (I'm holding one back for July's Photo Challenge) then these would be them. Yes I know it's got loads of palm trees (not for nothing is it called the English Riviera) but I thought some fishing nets, a sand artist and the station footbridge at the station says far more about the town than a few fronds.


  1. Ian Prowse played near us recently. I almost dragged myself along, but it was a weeknight and I couldn't muster the energy.

  2. Replies
    1. The only kind of action I get these days.

  3. Gorgeous photos. Proper art!

    1. However, any mention of Totnes makes me think of this...

    2. Thank you, C.

      Yes, good call.

  4. You are getting about at the moment. Great photos and I particularly like the sand art. Our recent trip to the seaside was dogged by rain so no sand sculptures from us this time which is unusual.