Monday 24 June 2024


Part 'Grand Designs' part Bond villain lair, The Stralitzia sits atop a (bloody steep) hill in Lincoln and screams 'Look at me!' And yesterday against, a perfect blue sky backdrop, that's precisely what I did. How the fuck they got planning permission is beyond me - but I'm so glad they did.

When I got home yesterday my friend Kate pinged this over to me for a bit of context (including how it got its name). I took a shedload of pix but have narrowed it down to a modest quartet for today's post.

As a footnote, just minutes earlier as I rounded the corner to take my first photo, there was a Red Arrows flypast overhead but by the time I'd reached for my camera they were already in the next county.


  1. Looks and sounds more like something you associate with the Italian coast

  2. I'm having my architect draw up similar plans immediately.

  3. Stunning. And brilliant to see the interior, just as I imagined. Please tell me that Col. Paul Foster once lived there.

  4. Ernie - Sono d'accordo.

    Rol - I'd expect nothing less.

    C - OK: Col. Paul Foster once lived there.

    Martin - Agreed.

    Adam - I suggest you speak to Rol's architect.

  5. Just... wow. Looks bigger on the inside!

    1. It's an amazing house which would befit any self respecting Time Lord.