Tuesday 18 June 2024


As I see it, there are only two prime factors to consider when planning a road trip: where you go and who you go with. I was blessed last weekend with both destination and travelling companion. James and I had talked about Brighton for a while, so as we pointed the car in a southerly direction last Thursday morning I just knew that nothing could go wrong. I wasn't disappointed. We had a blast. Three days and three nights.The digs, the food, the beers, the cocktails, the coffees, the nutters we met in pubs, the games we played in pubs ('Toad', anyone? Or 'Quixx'?), the mini family reunion, the walking, the talking, the laughing, the gags, the crack, the bond between father and son. No apologies for being mushy - thirty four years on and James is still my proudest achievement.

Oh, and the music. James had got us a pair of tix for Lewsberg at The Hope & Ruin. Imagine Television were from Rotterdam. I heard the Penguin Cafe Orchestra in there too; James heard the Velvet Underground. Either way, they were on fire. So, I'm calling it. In June. Gig of the year. 

Lewsberg - Six Hills (2022)


  1. This is my favourite kind of post: one that tells me good things still happen in this world, and introduces me to a cool new band.

    1. Thank you, Rol. Good things happen all the time.

      Yep, I guess you're right: Lewsberg are cool.

  2. Sounds like you had a blast. Wonderful to have that kind of relationship with your adult son. Not mushy at all.

  3. Lovely stuff - you are a man who knows how to enjoy yourself! We're lucky to get a share of it too.

  4. They are now possibly one of my favourite bands from Rotterdam. ANd remind me of portuguese band Birds Are Indie

  5. Alyson/C - Thank you. We pass this way but once...

    George - Nice one! And thanks for the heads up: I'll be sure to track 'em down..