Saturday 5 August 2023

Seek Council

One of my home city's most iconic buildings, and one that I've photographed countless times*, is the Council House. Located in Nottingham's Old Market Square** it was designed by Cecil Hewitt*** and constructed between 1927 & 1929 in the Neo-Baroque style. Other buildings built around the same period and in the same style include the Port of Liverpool Building, Belfast City Hall and, just across the pond, St. Barbara's Church in Brooklyn, New York; fabulous buildings all, however, I doubt they are protected by a 'Left Lion' and a 'Right Lion'.

* Tho' never from this aspect: taken from the top of a steep hill in nearby Sneinton, I captured this image between two residential dwellings.
** Or Slab Square, if you're a local.
*** He's got form.

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