Saturday 27 May 2023

I'd be quite prepared for that eventuality

How many people can say they saw George Harrison play live last Saturday night? Yep, I dusted down the DeLorean and got her up to 88mph & was transported back to a time and a place where the Dark Horse played a rather fab greatest hits set - everything from Taxman to When We Was Fab via My Sweet Lord, All Things Must Pass and Something; to mention but a handful.(Though I was miffed Piggies didn't get an outing.)

However, he did play this - and he got his drummer to sing it; naturally. I'd forgotten completely that George had written it - despite the credit on the sleeve. 

George Harrison - It Don't Come Easy (1970)


  1. Love this song, funnily enough we caught part of an old Cilla (!) programme on BBC Four just the other day (Cilla in Scandinavia) and Ringo was performing this outside in the snow... can't imagine that did his piano keys much good but it was a charming archive clip. With the bonus of an appearance by Basil Brush, what's not to like!
    Sounds like you had a grand night with George, I'm sure I'm far from alone in saying he's my favourite Beatle.

    1. What are we saying, Basil Brush was the real fifth Beatle?