Thursday 23 March 2023

On Point

It only took a cursory look online to tell me all I needed to know about the band that came crashing thru my car speakers on Monday morning c/o one of those annoying (yet brilliant at the same time) Spotify algorithms that tries to predict what would come next if you'd only added another tune (or ten) to your (until then)
perfect playlist.

Point Blank came out of Texas in the early 70s and between 1974 and 1982 released six albums. They'd often open for the likes of Kiss, Aerosmith and, hence the algorithm kicking in, ZZ Top. However, they called it a day in 1984 and, a bit like the Ramones, they're all dead now.

A couple of years before the band broke up they scored a hit single; until earlier this week I'd never heard it before, but, despite it being the epitome of AOR, you know what, I'm quite taken with it. And I particularly like the artwork from the album it came from - American Exce$$ looks like its cover was designed by those good people at Hipgnosis.

Anyway, here's their catchy ditty that reached #39 on Billboard's Hot 100.

Point Blank - Nicole (1981)

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