Sunday 19 March 2023


I was in Sheffield yesterday. It's only an hour's drive up the M1*, so after a pretty torrid week it was good to slip anchor and catch up with friends over a couple of beers and pull in Ian Prowse's gig at Greystones. The garage building (above) was just up from the road from our digs and, yes, I did smile back. It is contagious after all; just ask John Eric Bartholomew...

Morecambe and Wise (1971)

* I was due to catch the train but Mick and the lads were fighting the good fight.


  1. How on Earth did Francis Matthews keep from corpsing?

  2. Great garage pic.

    Scary to think I actually remember watching that episode go out from so long ago. Francis Matthews was also in Paul Temple (the detective series) at the same time, also on a Sunday night I seem to recall.

    1. Paul Temple was brilliant, wasn't it? And Francis Matthews was one of our finest actors who left behind an enviable body of work; not least Captain Scarlet!

  3. I spent my teenage years trogging up and down Psalter Lane onto Ecclesall Road.