Tuesday 8 November 2022


If ever a track could be paired with the hashtag Immaculate Vibes I doubt you'd find a more exact match than this. Jon Kennedy was 'discovered' by acclaimed Manchester DJ and tea connoisseur Mr. Scuff and, between them, in a sizzling Stockport studio, they sculpted this absolute nailed on, made to measure, slice of soul funk finery. 

Wrap your ears around it and it's like being transported to some mythical higher ground - carried aloft by nothing more than air. If this track doesn't appear on the next playlist I put together for you then you have every right to withdraw your friendship from me and/or feed me to the wolves.

Jon Kennedy - Funk Boutique (2013)


  1. Tune. Scruff lives just up the road in Stretford, occasionally DJs locally.

    1. It is, isn't it?

      Yes, I know he lives up that way; James pointed him out recently when we were in a bar in Levenshulme.

  2. This is very good, like being smothered by a warm soulful blanket. There's only one problem with the tune as far as I'm concerned - it's too darned short!