Friday 25 November 2022

Been waiting for the bus all day

I'd love to think that in a parallel universe there's another me, a nerdier version of me, if you will, who is passionate about stamps; but only stamps with buses on them. This version of me, let's call him John Medd 2.0, is continually visiting stamp fairs all over the world - tracking down every postage stamp from every country ever to bear the image of a humble bus.

I think I'd get on with him. We'd probably bump into each other at the airport, or in some European city square while I was photographing a laundromat and he was, I don't know, on his way to some far-flung philatelic convention. I like him already; we should meet up for a drink sometime.  

ZZ Top - Waiting for the Bus (1973)


  1. Wonderful.
    When you bump into him, be sure to bring him along to the next blog convention!

  2. "Philatelic" is a great word, but I read it as "Phallic" and got all kinds of images in my head for a second.

  3. 'Some far-flung philatelic convention' - that's a great line and like Rol, it made me snigger for very childish reasons.

    Great stamps though and yes, I think you'd get on with John Medd 2.0 very well.