Monday 18 May 2020

Who Would Live in a House Like This?

Lockdown has brought out the voyeur in us all: don't tell me you haven't muted your microphone, turned off the camera and had a good old gawp at your Zoom roommates' (Zoommates?) taste in decor; it's not just me. Is it?
OK, moving swiftly on. Rolling Stone magazine has been a fly on the wall in some of our most beloved rock star gaffs during these strange times. Watching the venerable Nick Lowe in his natural habitat* is a pure joy - all 14 minutes of it. The music aside**, I particularly like the cushions. And the stylish magazine rack. Oh, and the dog's called Larry btw. I, too, read a lot.

Nick Lowe: Lockdown 2020

* Brentford, west London
** How good is young Roy on the brushes?


  1. Some dogs have no appreciation of a good song! That whippet snuck out after the first few bars of possibly Mr Lowe's most famous song.

  2. Tho' he does make a reappearance for the final number.