Saturday 26 October 2019

You're Joking

I so need to see this film. Not least because Rock & Roll Part 2 is, allegedly, the glue that binds the movie together. I may, of course, be exaggerating, but from the reviews I've read (and the clip/trailer I've seen - below) it would lead me to believe that this defining glam anthem penned by Mike Leander and Paul Gadd (Gary G**tter) in 1972 is, again, finding a new audience. I've name-checked the song (and the singer too, for that matter) here before: long story short, we need to separate the art from the artist. People get prissy about the Leader (and rightly so), but banning his music from being played on national radio isn't the way forward. If we continue down that road then it's only a matter of time before Led Zeppelin suffer a similar fate; read Hammer of the Gods if you want a flavour of just how young Jimmy Page liked his groupies. 

Joker - 2019


  1. As you say - "we need to separate the art from the artist".

    In his George Orwell's essay "Benefit Of Clergy", about the work of Salvador Dali - which Orwell loathed - he argued that art can be right and wrong. He believed that there should be a middle way between those who condemned Dali's work outright and others who took delight in everything he did.

    1. Christ on a bike, I've just read about this: Dali really was a nasty piece of work, wasn't he? Makes Gary Glitter look like an alter boy.

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