Friday 11 October 2019

That much I do remember

I can go through vast swathes of my record collection, especially singles, and tell you exactly where and when I first heard them; a time and a place. Like a lot of other memories, some of them are easier to retrieve than others. When I look at the back issues of this blog I think I allude to these memories quite a bit - even if I don't give precise longitude and attitude; or the runners and riders. And anyway, memories can be unreliable. A bit like this blog, really. Like I've said before, I write it for me essentially. That's why it's my version of what's going on. I have no timetable to work to, no regular features and no minimum word count. My fact count though is generally above average.

In the main, most people who knock on my front door are kind of lost; they're usually looking for someone (or something) else. But they're always polite and never leave until they've had a cup of tea and a biscuit, and a bit of a nose around. They sometimes say nice things in the visitors book before I send them on their way with some lame directions, and everyone's a winner. Teamwork makes the dream work, I think is the current parlance.

Sorry, where was I? Songs and memories, I remember. I love this song btw. A lot. That much I do remember.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Into My Arms (1997)


  1. Can I have a coffee instead of a tea please John?

    1. Why of course, CC. Any biscuit preferences? I currently have custard creams, shortbread and 'Gold' bars in the tin.

    2. Being Scottish I’m partial to shortbread. I also like a custard cream. And Gold bars come to think of it

  2. Always lovely to have a cuppa and a biccie here!

  3. And the offer of a non-metaphorical cup of coffee was much appreciated by me, John. Afraid work won't allow (12+ hour day tomorrow) but that meant a lot.

    One of my favourites from Mr. Cave too.

  4. Yes, as you know my blog is all about music and memories - amazing how much detail you can remember from so many years ago but from last week, not so much.

    Nice analogy re the cup of tea - You are lucky in that you don't put yourself under any pressure what with word count and regular features. Way to go really but I've never found the knack, yet.

    Anyway, this is my third attempt at leaving a comment as I'm away from home just now (ignore the rest if they come through) but the place I'm heading to is very pertinent to a blog post you wrote a fair while back - All will become clear next week!