Friday 2 March 2018


All Medd Cons
Paul Weller was in town this week. For some reason I didn't fancy it; I'm kicking myself now.

I wonder if he played anything off All Mod Cons? You're probably aware that this year marks its ruby anniversary. Christ, where did the last 40 years go? (I can remember clearly the day I bought my copy) - the worrying thing being that 40 years prior the Second World War hadn't yet broken out. Stop the world I want to get off.

Anyway, you can keep Down in the Tube Station at Midnight and 'A' Bomb in Wardour Street - if I'd been at the Arena on Tuesday night I'd have asked him, politely, to "play that silly little poem you wrote when you didn't know any better." The words are naff, obviously, but it has a certain charm nonetheless. Chances are he'd have probably pretended not to hear me, but I think Fly would make any Weller Top 10 (there he goes with the lists again), don't you?

The Jam - Fly (1978)


  1. He played English Rose in Manchester last night (a friend went and posted that he'd played that song).

    1. SA - I think when you've got that kind of 'gentler' material in your bag it's good to introduce a bit of light and shade into your set.

      If you come here often you'll see that Weller is one of those prickly characters I desperately want to like (see also Macca), but find him, often, to be grumpiness personified. Which is probably why I back-heeled Tuesday's gig at the Arena; if he'd have played Rock City on the other hand...

      You're probably aware of his collaboration with Adele. If not, I love this version of 'You Do Something to Me'.

  2. Like you I'd have gone to see him if he'd played the Apollo but I'm not interested in going to the Arena.