Sunday 1 October 2017

C is for Clash

I received a lovely email earlier today from C over at Sun Dried Sparrows. I'm sure she won't mind me reprinting it here - though I have taken her full name off the bottom!

Hi John 

Hope all is good with you! It was a lovely idea you had to gather some more 'Swedey McSwedeface'* shots from fellow bloggers recently. If you're still on the lookout for some, then here's mine! I finally managed to track down a vinyl copy of this, the first album I ever bought 40 years ago. Sadly I got rid of the original a long time ago to replace with a CD, kinda wish I'd kept it now, just for posterity. This one's not the same issue - I distinctly remember 'The Clash' being printed in a vibrant orange, practically fluorescent, whereas it's red here - but I paid under a tenner for it and it was lovely to be reminded of it full-size. If only it wasn't so tatty (mine was well-loved but well-kept too) and didn't smell like a damp cellar, where it's probably been for the last 40 years. I'll never forget hearing Janie Jones for the first time when I asked them to put Side One on in my local record shop, Startime. I'd saved up my pocket money for months. I just had to have it.

Thanks and all the best 


Here's a version of Janie Jones that caught my eye recently. I hope it meets with C's approval.

Pris - Janie Jones

* In case anyone doesn't know what a Swedey McSwedeface is.


  1. Ah thanks John, that was quick! Yes, I do approve of the version of Janie Jones! And it reminds me of the time my schoolfriends and I tried to pretend we were in a band by taping ourselves singing over this album. We honestly thought we'd be able to convince people it was all our original songs and that we were playing the instruments (as if no-one else had ever heard the Clash before, nor would hear Joe's vocals behind ours!)
    Thank you!

    1. No, thank *you*.

      The collection is growing!

  2. Oh what a lovely surprise C - Another Swedey McSwedeface to add to the collection. Glad you were able to track down the album (despite its perhaps unloved condition) as such an important part of your life. TS be praised for starting the ball rolling and thanks to John for running with it. Now we just need some more to roll in to make us feel less lonely!

  3. How did I miss this? Nice one C...and what fine taste!

  4. Thanks for the story of your first album C. I went through a phase (as a 30something adult) listening to The Clash discography 2-3 years ago. They still hold up , even without the accompanying nostalgia and youthful rebellion!

  5. Great to see this feature taking off, John...though I still can't find a vinyl copy of The Return Of Bruno anyway. Which is probably for the best.