Friday 17 March 2017

Wood for the trees

Under normal circumstances you'd be hard pushed to link former England captain and '66 World Cup hero Bobby Moore with prog rockers ELP; wouldn't it be nice to discover that in 1973 Messrs. Emerson, Lake & Palmer had invited West Ham's finest to sit in on the Brain Salad Surgery sessions and sing the odd harmony (just like he did on Back Home)? Or, even better, to unearth evidence that Keith Emerson once had trials for the Hammers? I'd even have been happy to read that Carl Palmer's original drum teacher had been Bobby's brother when he was living up in Cradley Heath. Alas, no.
However, what I can tell you is that in the early seventies both Bobby (and his missus, Tina) and the band John Peel once described as a waste of time, talent and electricity had their mugshots taken deep in the heart of Epping Forest.

I can't tell you how many hours I pored over the Trilogy gatefold sleeve that depicted all three members of the band lurking behind every tree. It was like Where's Wally?' only in reverse.

Confession time (1). Every time I see a wooded glade (especially when I'm in the car) I shout out 'Trilogy!' It's at times like this, I suspect, that members of my immediate family fear for my sanity.

Confession time (2). As much as I love ELP, and I do, the image of Tina Moore with the England shirt pulled down as far as it will go does it for me every time. I'm only human after all, as Rag'n'Bone Man would say.


  1. I spent many happy childhood picnic days in Epping Forest, but sadly never saw Bobby, his missus or ELP.

    1. Rod lives close by as well, don't suppose you clocked him with a leggy blonde on his arm?

    2. Never saw him but if I had I would've taken him to task re. that 'A Night On The Town' album artwork....!

  2. Just found your great blog after discovering you'd left a comment on my one over a week ago but it had gone to spam - Sorted that out now and replied but knew your name from SDS which brought me here.

    Not surprised that Bobby and Tina did this photoshoot as watched the TV drama recently about those years. They really were the golden couple of the era but all very sad how it ended up. Like the comparison with ELP but no, can't imagine Mr Moore doing harmonies for them at all, despite his Back Home credentials!

  3. Thank you for dropping by Alyson - it's always nice when someone new sticks their head 'round the door.
    I really must ask Carl Palmer to do a Q&A for my blog; with Emerson and Lake both gone I really want to ask Carl some probing questions before he joins their ranks. And/or Tina Moore.

    Thanks again, J.

  4. Compare the iconic Bobby and Tina photo with the recreation of it for ITV's recent, dismal biopic-by-numbers. Michelle Keegan just doesn't have Tina's class.