Sunday 26 February 2017

Radio Times

It's a well known fact that the seventies were brought to you by the colour brown - cars, wallpaper, furniture, clothes. In fact, flossy, pictured above on the sleeve of Your One Hundred Best Tunes (a Decca release, which tied in with the Light Programme radio show of the same name), is a perfect case in point.
I don't know how she's done it, but, as a result of some seventies related condition, she's managed to morph into her brown armchair and appears to be reaching out to her brown transistor radio in a vain attempt to reverse the procedure.
And all the while a well thumbed copy of the Radio Times clings to her cold, lifeless hands.


  1. Haha, yes, she's definitely a victim of too much brown, comatose from an overdose of beige and burnt umber, no doubt some oatmeal in there too. I fear for the cat.

    I spent too many years in the seventies in a horrible brown school uniform. It's hard to get over the trauma of the compulsory wearing of conker brown knickers, let me tell you!

  2. Radio Times was a mainstay in our house from my childhood right up to this year. It's £2.50 a week now, stuff that!

  3. There's a lot to be said for brown though. I'm increasingly coming to the belief that the 70s were my favourite decade ( for music, but not just that) which is odd considering I was only 8 years old when they ended and wouldn't buy a record for another 7 years after that.

    Bring back that brown!

  4. Always contrary...while all my fiends went for brown.....I went for purple in the 70s!!!!

  5. Went to a fancy dress party last night in 70s gear. The covers band rocked! I opted for denim flares and cheesecloth shirt, with tassled waistcoat, topped off with a pink floppy hat. Not a bit of brown, I was more of a blue, purple and pink with a bit of yellow thrown in kinda gal.