Friday 27 January 2017


© Rowena Simpson
I love gardens, but I hate gardening; the only thing worse than gardening is people talking about gardening. When we move I don't care if our new garden is the size of Richard Branson's wallet or a mere postage stamp - just so long as it's south facing. And if it's anything like Rowena's garden, then so much the better.

The Sounds Of My Garden - 'I painted what I could hear'


  1. I'm with you - love a garden, hate gardening. I wish it weren't so, but the thought of gardening just makes my eyes glaze over. I get exactly the same feeling when I lift the bonnet of the car.

  2. I painted this standing in the garden in suburbia, not looking but listening to the sounds and trying to represent these sounds through shape and colour. Gardening in the conventional sense didn't come into it, but maybe it might catch on as a new kind of alternative gardening. Harvesting the sounds of your garden. There's a song I wrote that goes with it, containing the line 'Sounds of my garden are the colours of rainbows'