Sunday 22 November 2015


The Archies, a fictional cartoon group who had a string of bubblegum hits in the early seventies, could literally only ever be two dimensional. Unlike the young girl below, who obviously caught the eye of the BBC camera man.

Sugar Sugar was co-written by Andy Kim who later went on to record Rock Me Gently - the best Neil Diamond single Neil Diamond never sang. Kim was also a Monkee for a while (another bubblegum band who existed somewhere between the second and third dimensions) when Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones, then just down to a duo, needed a dig out with songwriting duties.

The Archies - Sugar Sugar (1970)


  1. The cameraman on this episode must have been the same one as on the episode with Edison Lighthouse I shared recently. These girls are obviously professional dancers and not the kind of audience members we got used to as the decade progressed, but the camera angles certainly showcase their assets.

    Didn't know that about Andy Kim, but I beg to differ, I'm A Believer (by the Monkees) is surely the best Neil Diamond single Neil Diamond never sang?

    1. I was intrigued to read your comment, then had to look for the clip (purely in the name of research you understand); do you men this one?

    2. 'Mean' - bloody spellcheck. Also worth noting that the Archies video is now hiding behind an Over 18 age wall!