Saturday 14 February 2015

More art for art's sake

The brushes came out early this weekend; Jenny stayed in bed all morning trying desperately to shake off her cold/bug/fever, so out came the pop up studio. The two resulting canvases, 'ATV' and 'Marquee' are pretty self explanatory. Growing up in the Midlands in the seventies, ATV was the default ITV transmitter (though our aerial would often pick up Anglia and Yorkshire if the atmospherics were right). The opening credits, usually blue and yellow in colour, remain etched on my retinas. However, I've painted the red and green livery often used to herald Tiswas on Saturday mornings. And for any TV historians out there, this year marks the programme's fortieth anniversary.

The Marquee in Wardour Street W1 is often name checked around here. It was tacky, it was loud, it was marvellous. And its stage backdrop was iconic.

I'm thinking of starting a new website just for my canvases. I only started doing them just after Christmas and already I've got the makings of a small (but perfectly formed) exhibition. I don't profess to be an artist, I'm just a man who owns a few paint brushes. But I do enjoy throwing a bit of paint around on a Saturday and Sunday morning.


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  2. you may have a new ism there John!!

  3. Be sure to share the details of the new website as and when. I'm really enjoying watching your portfolio build every week.
    (Tiswas? 40 years ago? I'm going back to bed.)

    1. I will. It's a job I'll be giving to the Number One Son when he gets a minute. Yes, Tiswas: it was appointment TV when I was growing up. 'This is what they want' Tarrant used to bellow. He was right: it was. It really was.