Tuesday 30 September 2014

Is it down to the Lake I fear

It troubled me not that when I saw Greg Lake perform recently at my local Arts Centre he was joined neither by Keith Emerson or Carl Palmer. However, what did set my teeth on edge was when, instead of playing an acoustic set, he saw fit to perform a karaoke night with backing tapes. I've still not forgiven him.

And, anyway, it's been a long while since he's been able to sing half as well as this little combo.


  1. Greg Lake karaoke? Truly sounds a nightmare. I happened upon an ELP doc on-line the other day and was actually pleasantly surprised by how good they all sounded at a 2010 reunion. No return to the glories of knives in the Hammond and flying pi-aners, sadly.

  2. Ah, 'Trilogy'. My first prog LP. I love it still. Many years later, I had the chance to meet a member of ELP. Sadly, he was an utter shit. No names, no pack-drill.

  3. I bet it was Keith. Happy to be told I'm wrong, though.