Saturday 19 July 2014

Something for the weekend

The sort of thing you see on the walls of most pub gents would hardly constitute art. Banal graffiti, out of date Sky Sports posters, darts team fixture lists and condom machines; something for the weekend, sir? Then again, unless you've got a small bladder, they're not the sort of places you tend to spend too much time in. And you certainly wouldn't want to be seen getting your camera out in such surroundings. Would you?

Pictured above are two pieces I saw recently hanging in the Men's Room. No names, no pack drill. They both caught my eye for different reasons: if you look carefully, the bird on the right is actually a map of Brighton and Hove. And if you look carefully at the cat carrying girl on the left, you'll see she isn't wearing any clothes.


  1. They're both rather gorgeous! I'd love to see such art in the Ladies. After all, we do tend to spend quite a lot of time in there and we always go in with our friends; to be able to discuss the merits of the art on the walls whilst re-applying our lipstick would seem the logical next step.

  2. I had a feeling you'd like them. You could ask the Landlord/Lady of your local if you could exhibit your work in the Ladies. The Powder Room Gallery.