Monday 11 November 2013

Taking a Flyer

Exhibit 'A'
Also Exhibit 'A'
In November 1977 Graham Parker was criss-crossing the UK promoting his Stick to Me album; you may remember the advertising space his record company took out in all the weekly music rags - Sounds, NME, Melody Maker etc. What you may not remember is that the following month The Next Band, a none too shabby power trio, were playing Grantham Guildhall; I doubt very much that you'll have heard of them, but I think you'll recognise the flyer I liberated that night. As far as I'm aware Next were not in any way related to Mr. Parker, but they obviously took a shine to his artwork.


  1. I once used an illustration from The Great Trouser Mystery as a flyer. If I recall correctly it was of two Bob Dylans arguing with each other as to who was the more authentic. The long, dark eighties just flew by for me...

  2. That's amazing John, I can honestly say I had no idea we'd ripped that off - I blame Frank or John or both they were the "Arty" ones!!!!!

  3. This is some amazing artwork indeed! Thanks for posting!