Friday 8 November 2013

Jock & Margaret

Jock and Margaret, 1947

Jock and Margaret: they make a fine couple don't they? Just don't ask me who they are. Or where they come from*. Or, indeed, what became of them.

I rescued them from a flea market a couple of years ago. They were living in a discarded photograph album at the bottom of a cardboard box. I couldn't believe that anyone (let alone family) could throw away such a delightful book of memories: all the photos are individually mounted and most have a little byline underneath with dates and locations - the album begins in September 1945 ('Taken in Exeter') and concludes with the photograph below ('The gang at Marske') dated August 1951.

I'd like to think that Jock and Margaret are still with us (I'm guessing they'd both be in their late 80s if they are) but even if they aren't I hope they both had great lives.

Margaret (2nd from right) with the gang

* Though I have a feeling they may have been from the Midlesborough/Redcar area


  1. Brilliant photos - a great rescue job from you. One can't help but want to know more.
    My sister has similar photo albums of pics of my mum etc from that era... but, as neither of us had children, when we shuffle off those lovely old pics may end up in a flea market (or skip!) too...

    1. I had to tell our son what I'd done; if, after my demise, he'd found this album with all our photographs it would have been a WTF moment for sure.

  2. A Life Recorded. A Life Rescued.The Gods of Photography Smile .

  3. What a shame they were thrown out. I have a bunch of photos of people I have no idea who they are. But my Nan or my Mum kept them so they must have meant something.

  4. That Margaret looks quite the sort, doesn't she?