Wednesday 10 April 2013

They're gonna crucify me

In April 1973 John Lennon was fighting for his life: his American life. On 23 March he'd been served papers by the US Immigration Service giving him 60 days notice to leave the country. Or face deportation. His appeal was filed 3 April, but it would be another three years 'til Lennon got his Green Card.

His friend Neil Sedaka (pictured far right) wrote The Immigrant based on Lennon's lamentable
dealings with the authorities. 

It was a frenetic time for the Lennons: April was also the month John and Yoko moved out of their apartment in Greenwich Village to the Dakota Building in Manhattan's Upper West Side. And we all know what horrors unfolded there in December 1980.


  1. If only I'd remembered the Greenwich address when we were out in New York. I've just street-mapped the adderss, and hair-tearingly we were within 100 hundred yards of it on our Greenwich walkabout

  2. I had absolutely no idea that Sedaka & Lennon were buddies or that the former had written a song for the latter. Blimey.

    (How was your RFTC adventure?)