Friday 19 April 2013

Lights Out

I heard today about the passing of Storm Thorgerson aka Mr. Hipgnosis. He's obviously best known for the iconic sleeve design of Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon (and quite rightly too), but his canon goes far deeper than that. When I wrote a Sleeve Notes piece for Classic Rock magazine a few years ago, remembering UFO's Lights Out album cover, I grabbed a few words from Storm as well as interviewing Phil Mogg, the band's vocalist. Mogg was typically vague, only remembering two geezers (him and Michael Schenker) wearing overalls in Battersea Power Station. Thorgerson on the other hand, while admitting it wasn't the best cover they did for the band (try Force It - the one with the taps) saw a sleeve not without a certain charm: 'where vanity meets industrial design.'

UFO - Lights Out - 1977


  1. RIP, Storm. That UFO 'tap' sleeve is a bit dodgy.

  2. RIP Storm, such a wealth of album covers, genius

  3. SB - A bit?! I could, I guess, just as easily have cited Phenomenon - the one with the frisbee.

    LJ - Album cover designers will probably go the same way as shipbuilders. Or miners.

  4. Brilliant Album Covers, Simply Genius.