Monday 29 April 2013

K. West

 Teenager Mark Webber wondering what he's doing in a Grocer Jack blog

In 1967 Keith West was asked by Mark Wirtz to sing the lead vocal for his Excerpt From a Teenage Opera aka Grocer Jack. It went to # 2 in August of that year. Mark Wirtz tells the same story, but in a more long winded fashion. Doesn't stop it from being a great song though.


  1. That record always brings a lump to my throat, partly due to sentimental memories but also those kids singing. It was years before I realized that Grocer Jack WAS DEAD.

  2. It's the children's choir, you're right. Death, minor chords, you name it; probably why it stuck at number two. It wouldn't be too long 'til we had Seasons In The Sun. And Bobby 'See The Tree How Big It's Grown' Goldsboro. Good times.

  3. I remember that - what a fantastic song. I remember as a young kid (I was about 5 when it hit the charts) thinking it was an odd topic for a song and a hit at that.