Sunday 13 January 2013

Imaginary girlfriend

Do you recognise the girl above? Would you be able to pick her out in an identity parade? Chances are that even if you couldn't your parents almost certainly would be able to tap her on the shoulder; though they probably wouldn't know what she was called.

Tina, her given name, was as ubiquitous as flock wallpaper in households during the 60s and beyond. She took pride of place, clutching that tree for dear life, above many a mantle up and down the land. Art? Sort of. Wall decoration? Most certainly.

She was the brainchild of artist J H Lynch who would conjure up these nymph photofits and fill a whole canvas with a pretty face, cascading hair and bare shoulders. Always on the right side of the prevailing decency and moral codes of the day, Lynch had discovered a winning formula and he stuck to it. These days Jack Vettriano ploughs a similar furrow.


  1. Saw her in a 'architectural antiques' place (i.e. middle class junk) the other day. I think she was going for at least sixty quid.

  2. My uncle had this hung in the living room right up to passed away. A great post is have never thought of the image otherwise.

  3. John - I've got to apologise for the dreadful grammar in my comment above. That's what I get for trying to respond via the iPhone whilst on the move....