Tuesday 18 December 2012

A *Likely* story

Terry Collier John Medd and Bob Ferris

For one very brief moment, in the absence of James Bolam, I was a Likely Lad. Rodney Bewes was Bob and I was Terry; a surrogate Terry, anyway.

We had no script, so I improvised:

Terry: So, Bob, these rumours about you and Deidre Birchwood.

Bob: I couldn’t possibly comment.

Terry: Relax man. Thelma’s not here.

Bob: Do I know you?

The End  


  1. Can't understand how you weren't a permanent replacement for Bolan... ;-)

  2. Aaw. Rodney Bewes seemed to morph from baby-faced permapudding into frail old man, at the most alarming rate. I don't remember his middle-aged years at all. And I always liked Bob better than Terry.