Thursday 23 February 2012

More rock stars in airports, wearing top hats, without their entourage

An occasional series*

# 2 Keef

Heathrow Departure Lounge (before the smoking ban)

* Two in two days; you could argue that this sort of regularity makes it anything but occasional. And you'd be right. Take it up with Drakeygirl. She made me do it.


  1. Bit to close to determine if definitely no entourage but fair play sir that is a good 2 out of 2 so far...

  2. I may struggle to complete my hat-trick F!

  3. I'm now taking odds on a third installment.
    Have a good weekend when it hits us.

  4. Right. Got one. Tom Petty* (can't embed it).

    *This might not, strictly speaking, fulfill all the criteria. He may not actually be in an airport. And I cannot say for sure if he has an entourage or not. But he has got a funky top hat.

    Do I win £5?

  5. If we pretended that the Vatican City has its own private airport, then yes. A £5 postal order should be winging its way to you quicker than you can say Damn The Torpedoes.