Friday 12 August 2011

Sticky fingers

Spent the day with Number One Son in Manchester yesterday. Despite what you may have heard, the city centre wasn't overrun with Scallies burnin', lootin' and robbin'. They were probably all in front of the judge being given their seven week suspended sentences (that'll have them quaking in their recently acquired footwear).

But I did spot this secondhand bookshop selling used 'girly mags' from 40p. That's used girly mags.

Now that is wrong on soooo many levels.


  1. There's a vintage magazine shop Shaftsbury Avenue way that does a line in Ye Olde Top Shelfers..

    But these are 60s/70/80s bits graded by condition for collectability, not well thumbed cast offs with 'glued together' pages

  2. @mondo "collectability"... is that what they call it then eh? Nudge nudge... wink wink... ;-)

  3. Gentlemen's art pamphlets for 40p, money for old rope in these hard times, oh my.

  4. Given the success of those "Best of Jackie" and "Best of Smash Hits" books, surely it's only a matter of time until we get a "Best of Mayfair" book in the shops in time for Xmas. Just don't ask the missus to get it for you.

  5. Both the original owners, and the shop, should be given some sort of warning for breaking the unwritten but universally-accepted girly mag law: ALL USED SPECIAL INTEREST MANUALS MUST BE DISCARDED ON RAILWAY EMBANKMENTS. I mean, what's the world coming to?
    I blame the internet.

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