Monday 13 September 2010

Beaucoups Of Blues

This month marks the 40th anniversary of Ringo's Beaucoups of Blues; after All Things Must Pass and Band On The Run, probably the best solo album by an ex-Beatle. Recorded in Nashville with Pete Drake on pedal steel, The Jordanaires on backing vocals and D J Fontana on drums, it had pedigree right from the get go.

Ringo Starr: Beaucoups Of Blues

The boy from Dingle has come in for a lot of stick down the years but, as the venerable Mr Starkey MBE enters his eighth decade, isn't it about time we all came clean and admitted it: Ringo was everyone's favourite Beatle. Wasn't he? Think about it; he had all the best lines in Hard Day's Night ('You want to stop looking so scornful, it'll twist your face') and Help! ('Two lagers and lime and two lagers and lime please'). He wrote Don't Pass Me By and Back Off Boogaloo, directed Born To Boogie, starred in That'll Be The Day and compliled Postcards From The Boys. And The All Starr Band continue to wipe the floor with The Bootleg Beatles.


  1. The thing I like about him directing and appearing in Born to Boogie is not so much the film (though it's ok), but the fact that he was willing to appear essentially in a supporting role to the first really big pop star since the Beatles demise. It's impossible to imagine Lennon or McCartney doing that.

  2. Macca's alway been my fave fab and where my middle name comes from... (although my kids go for Bongo).

    I may have to give Beacoup a punt

    Peace and love

    PS - did I ever pass you the clip where Ringo explains his unique technique for drumming?

  3. It's too glaring an omission to make by accident - you're not a fan of Lennon then? I rate Plastic Ono Band as highly as Revolver etc. And while I hardly listen to it Imagine has got more than a couple of great songs on it.

    That said, I think George is my favourite Beatle.

  4. T - Ringo used to be very good at self deprecation, but, it's true, with the onset of age has become more grumpy. Not that that puts him in a party of one.

    M - To get to the bottom of Macca is like nailing jelly to a wall. He's always tried to be liked by everyone but never quite pulls it off. Anthology didn't do him any favours, apart grom the obvious influx of $$

    A - You've rumbled me! Working Class Hero, I'm Losing You and, maybe, the Rock'n'Roll album. After that it gets a bit thin. I'm only playing Devil's Advocate here - look back at old blogs and you'll see that the Dark Horse is really my mop-top of choice; to the point that my business partner and I named our company after him.