Friday 10 September 2010

Brazilia Friday

Here's a delicious tune composed by Bossa supremo Antonio Carlos Jobim. He wrote it for Brazilian singer Sylvia Telles (aka Dindi). Telles was killed in a road accident in Rio de Janeiro shortly after recording the song in 1966.

If you can, take five minutes out of your day and lose yourself; and if you have cats it'll drive them crazy.

Quigley: Dindi


  1. nice one... no cats luckily :-)

  2. one (of 3) cat listened very nicely to the whole thing... a purred for the whole tune!

    I however has a desperate urge to go to the bathroom within 2 minutes...

  3. The old tweety bird reminds me of the Hector's House intro..Sinatra does a version worth digging about for..

  4. can you repost this by chance? i can't find it anywhere!