Monday 30 August 2010

A Hard Day's Night

For reasons too long to go into here, we only did one day of the Matthew Festival this year. The temperature in The Cavern must have been pushing 40 degrees as acts from all over the world took to the tiny stage and gave us their version of Merseybeat. Unlike most tribute bands, nobody pretends they look the part (though a George Harrison lookalike was stood behind me at one point); it's just musicians paying homage to their favourite Beatles tunes - and not exclusively culled from the Red and Blue albums, either - Two Of Us and I'm A Loser by a bunch of Brazilians (The Yesterdays?) certainly hit the spot for me. In spite of everything, father and Number One son renewed their vows, not that they were in danger of expiring, and both promise to be back next year.

He won't thank me for it, but this is for James.

We had time for a team photo before we came away - taken outside The Cavern. Just like we did last year


  1. Would love to have a pop on the Fab-fest - perhaps one year. I'm on micro-buzz for Wings 'n' Get Back mixes brought on by this month's Mojo.

    As fan of booties have you checked out this newbie from Soundhog

  2. That t-shirt in the team photo, an interesting take on the Don't Panic advice!

    Full marks for enjoying the event in spite of the space induced heat instead!