Sunday 15 August 2010

That's 2 Ls on the Phill

Just finished reading Phill Jupitus' Good Morning Nantwich (Adventures in Breakfast Radio) - the big man's intoxicating account of his 5 year tenure at BBC 6 Music. And a delightful read it is too. His love of radio, like a lot of us, goes back to the crackly pirates, swinging Radio 1, Terry Wogan and, no surprises here, John Peel. If Peel had ever dipped his toe into the torrent that is Breakfast Radio it wouldn't have sounded too dissimilar to Jupitus' morning output circa 2002-2007.
Interspersed with his recollections of the time (mostly good, if you discount his frequent run-ins with BBC top brass) he drops in a few playlists (mostly excellent) and even offers tips for anyone thinking of starting up their own DIY radio station.

Phill was kind enough to mention his memories of broadcasting his show from Medd Towers in July 2005:

''Next time out we were in Nottingham and in the company of the Medd family. Jenny and John with their tall son James who was fifteen and in a band and by now must be fending off the ladies with a shitty stick. They had cats, and we set up in their living room. Jenny made bacon sandwiches which really hit the spot.''

Cheers Phill, this one's for you:

Dave Davani: The Jupe


  1. funny enough, I had a flick through this book on Thursday last week in Waterstones. Thought it looked like a good one. Would have got a shock if my quick flick had found the page with you in!

    Nice of him to mention it, and so fondly too. He's an all round good chap is Phill and a regular in and around my town.

    An is your son now using that shitty stick??!


  2. He uses my old one - I've no need for it now!

  3. I didn't know he'd got a biog out. I'm between books at the mo' so could be the way to go. Does it mention any of his poetry readings at Crocs/Toothbrush (can't remember his stage name at the time). I've been told I was in the audience, but it's all a beer-blur to me.

  4. He was Porky The Poet! Yes, it's a great read - give it a go.