Monday 27 May 2024


One of the many highlights of Nottingham's annual Dot to Dot Festival yesterday was the outrageously talented poet, Georgina Wilding. Just before the dreaded Covid she did a brilliant Q&A for this blog. We talked about that yesterday and neither of us could believe it was over four years ago. 

Her thirty minute set at The Angel was pitch perfect; reading selected poems from her acclaimed collection Hag Stone (and some newer ones too), she told, thru prose, the story of her early working class upbringing interspersed with underage dinking, underage sex, together with a side order of pure Nottingham surrealism. Thank you, Georgina. And thank you so much for signing my book.


Georgina is Events Lead at Nottingham's (brand new) Central Library - here's a breathtaking flythrough tour with Georgie's commemorative poem as the soundtrack...


  1. Lovely John - The Peel Sessions

  2. Not sure about that. But I'd be chuffed if they put it on my headstone.

  3. That looks like a fantastic new library with some fine words from Georgina. I could spend many a happy hour in there.

    Talking of books, I have been spreading the word about Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver. If you've ever read David Copperfield (or even just know the story) it's a great read.

    1. It's a great read, Alyson. We did it last year in Book Club!

    2. So you did. One of your posts I missed when I was out of commission. I really must find a book club myself.