Friday 24 May 2024

Flag day

It's Friday. It's a bank holiday weekend. Put the flags up. Well, maybe just a pink one. Like Sunak's call for a snap election this week, Wire's blistering debut album wrong footed a lot of people when it first came out. Even as early as 1978 it was being labelled post-punk. Oh my, has this long player got a lot to answer for.

One of my faves from it is a jaunty little thing called Three Girl Rumba. Justine Frischmann liked it too; probably a little too much - she settled out of court apparently. 

Wire - Three Girl Rumba (1978)


  1. Briliant - such a great and original album, track and cover pic - I remember at the time it came out I didn't really know what to make of that imagery. I'm sure I've mentioned it before but one of my first gigs was Wire in early '78 when I was 14 and they played my local tech college; I know it was good but I dearly wish I could go back and experience it again through my older eyes and ears... I wouldn't be (so) tipsy on cider this time around either.

    1. My abiding memory of Wire is of John Peel playing their I Am the Fly on heavy rotation. The cover of Pink Flag is, I hate to say it, iconic. It is tho', isn't it?

  2. She liked a lot of bands a little too much, but I liked hers anyway... generally not as much as the originals, however, especially Wire.