Thursday 25 April 2024

"I'd like to say thank you & I hope I've passed the audition"

Taylor in his interview suit

It's London, it's 1968, and a very nervous eighteen year old musician from America is auditioning in front of one half of the Beatles. James Taylor recalls being clinically nervous playing Something in the Way She Moves to Paul McCartney and George Harrison. They must have liked him - they signed him up to Apple there and then. George in particular liked the song, using it as the template for what would become the standout track on Abbey Road. Taylor has always been sanguine when asked about the 'lift'. After all, he'd borrowed flourishes from I Feel Fine in his song. What goes around comes around.

James Taylor - Something in the Way She Moves (1968)


  1. That has me discombobulated. Mr WIAA likes it though.