Saturday 6 January 2024

New Sheriff in town

As with a good 90% of the old photographs, slides and negatives I acquire from junk shops, flea markets and car boot sales, the runners and riders (a.k.a. who, where and when) are often a complete mystery to me (unless some bright spark has jotted down the stats on the back). Obviously, I can take a stab at dates with the help of fashions, haircuts, cars etc. Locations? Sometimes a sign or a backdrop will give the game away. But the protagonists? Almost never.

Take this one I found this afternoon for instance. Five nameless kids sat on a wall outside what is probably a 1930s semi. Judging by the car (Ford Anglia) and the duffel coated girl on the far right, I'm going for late 50s/early 60s. Obviously the Sheriff couldn't be seen wearing toggles so his cowboy garb could cover any era from the days of Billy the Kid onwards.

Either way, they make for a fantastic quintet. Kids living their best lives. And the question always hanging in the air whenever I look at photos like this - and I rifled thru 200+ today - is always the same. Who were they? (And what became of them all?) 

ELP: The Sheriff (1972)


  1. What a great photo. We grew up on cowboy films and tv series, they are ingrained into us. Can't imagine repeats of Bonanza or the High Chaparral cutting the mustard with today's kids.

    1. I hear what you're saying, Adam. Maybe Deadwood tho'!