Monday 17 January 2022

Renouncing strength...

I've noticed that one or two of my fellow bloggers are still posting their Monday Long Songs; I can't remember the last time I chipped in, so will make amends today. I recently discovered some tasty outtakes from the Stones' Some Girls album and was immediately taken with an 11+ minute version of Miss You. So, it being Monday...

Rolling Stones - Miss You (1978)


  1. Great stuff, but with absolutely no disrespect to Sir Mick of Dartford, I would've quite happily grooved along to this as a purely instrumental take, minus his vocal sketches. What a scorchingly good band they were.

    1. Me too. I posted something a couple of years ago in a very similar vein - Fool to Cry from the Black & Blue album; it was nearly finished, but not quite. I'll dig it out and show you what I mean.