Monday 30 August 2021

Where the air is good and the day is fine

Nearly all my walking these days falls under the banner urban walking; living in the 9th largest city in the UK it's hardly surprising. Steel and concrete outnumber trees and grass 10:1, probably. During LD1 especially, all walks begin and ended at my front door; escaping to the countryside was, at that time, simply not an option. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Moving back to Nottingham in 2017 for all the reasons I left in 2010 says it all. I traded in living on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors for a bustling city - no questions asked. (What's the point in having a mind if you're not prepared to change it?)

Which is all a long winded preamble for me telling you that I went on a country walk yesterday. And barely saw another soul the whole time. Field after field of...nothing. A distant tractor was the only sign of human existence for the whole trek. Though the pub half way round was full of real people drinking real beer (talking real bollocks, too - some things never change).

The town where I started the walk is well served by both trains and buses so I may well be making a habit of this particular route; at least until Winter arrives. It'd be a shame not to. 


A word to the wise - they keep their beer particularly well at the Royal Oak in Car Colston; you won't be disappointed. However, if you want to order food after 2.30pm, you may well be.


  1. A country walk? Field after field of nothing? A pub at the half way mark? My kinda bliss. A gorgeous photo too John.

    1. If you ever make a return trip to Nottingham we'll pull it in...

  2. Gorgeous. Love the colors of the photo, John.

  3. "What's the point in having a mind if you're not prepared to change it?" - a brilliant line. I'm nicking that.
    A Country Walk in solitude is a fine thing - but I also like an urban walk in solitude.
    I found unknown pathways and shortcuts in my local area in LD1 (as you refer to it), and I've kept the walking going but no going farther afield.
    As a gauge of my priorities, I have found several new routes to several Pubs.
    (always seems a lot longer on the way back?)

    1. Not mine, RD, Edward de Bono. Yes, nearly all my walks involve either a boozer or a greasy spoon; sometimes both!