Wednesday 5 May 2021

Sure Thing

t's 20 years since I first visited Amsterdam. I was going to the North Sea Jazz Festival in The Hague with a few days bookended either side in the capital. My friend Barry and I wanted to go to Europe so we blindly stuck a pin in the map. To cut a long story short (oh, Spandau) I was lucky to come back in one piece. It's an experience that is etched indelibly on my brain; if you ever catch me in an unguarded moment and ask me what happened in Holland I may just tell you. Or I might just act dumb and talk about jazz. Or bikes. 


Moving swiftly on. One of the hotels we stopped in had a brilliant bar and was always playing great tunes (once back in Blighty I burned them a couple of CDs; I hope the jiffy bag I bunged in the post with a ton of stamps on it reached its destination). It's where I first heard this:

St. Germain - Sure Thing (2000)


  1. Everyone has an Amsterdam story, or two. I know I do.

    Like the music in the clip you shared. Very laid back.

    1. If you like this, Alyson, I'll send you a couple of playlists...

    2. It's ok - Found them on the various platforms. So much music, so little time...