Tuesday 2 March 2021


Archive photo from 2019

Has Spring sprung? Does hope, indeed, spring eternal? Whist the evidence of light at the end of the tunnel may still be in some doubt I can confirm that the light streaming through my bedroom curtains first thing in the morning over the last few days is very real. I said to C over at Sun Dried Sparrows whilst the first cuckoo of Spring may still be a few weeks away, I had my first "99" of the year at the weekend. Should I mark the occasion in some way? I'm not saying we should have a feast day or even a Bank Holiday* (what would we do with another flaming Bank Holiday right now?) but it felt kinda significant.  I guess you get your kicks where you can these days.

The Producers - Springtime for Hitler and Germany (1967)

* I will, however, attach myself to St. John's Day.


  1. No ice-creams for me yet this year and now confined to barracks. Great picture (although you're not looking too sure about it) and great clip.

    1. I had another one yesterday!

      I don't generally warm to having my photo taken; I'm invariably found on the other side of the lens.