Sunday 20 December 2020

Fox News

I'm trying not to dwell on the never ending torrent of bad news threatening to engulf every last one of us; though if I have a little weep later I'm hoping you'll cut me some slack.

Instead I want to share this little snippet with you: Suzie, my Brighton dwelling cousin, has a regular nighttime caller. And so tame is this beautiful creature that apparently he comes right up to her and gently rubs his nose up against her hand. As the Americans would say - pretty neat, huh? 

The Regrettes - Fox on the Run (2017)


  1. Oh, that is absolutely lovely, what a beauty. Don't we all just need the solace of our wildlife friends right now.

  2. That's really quite special isn't it. At times like this nature has been a 'balm for the soul' (along with music).

    As for the Sweet, not sure if you saw my last Sweet post:

    A fine cover of Fox on the Run although for a minute I thought you meant it was your cousin Suzie in the band but I assume not.

    Hope your Boxing Day plans are still on? I have already shed a few tears for others whose plans are now in disarray although not too many changes for me as yet - Won't be able to see my mum in her care home though.

    1. Suzie is not in the band, but if she was she'd be doing T. Rex covers, I'm sure!
      Nope, our Tier 3 Christmas Covid rules relaxation was cut from five days down to one (and no overnight stays) so Boxing Day has been kicked into touch. Gutted doesn't even come close. But, we've got to stay positive: we shall overcome...