Monday 13 April 2020

Mono = One, Rail = Rail

For no other reason than it made me smile, I ordered this tee shirt online today. I realise that precious few people will get to see my new garment - let alone the gag - however, I shall wear it with pride when I am in my kitchen; or even the lounge.

I know I should probably have waited till it arrived - I could have given you all a twirl - but we'll save that delight for another day, shall we. For any non-Simpsons people tuning in, here is the backstory behind the design.


  1. The Simpsons was required viewing back then, but I haven't seen a new episode in many years. Does the show still cut it?

    1. It was. Is it still? I wouldn't know, not having seen it for at least a decade; best to remember it this way.

  2. Very good. Enjoy the T-shirt, it's the little things at the moment.