Wednesday 21 August 2019

Staring at the Sun

Ciáran McFeely, aka Simple Kid, is from Ireland; you know, that land mass 70 miles west of Holyhead. The island we're just about to throw under the bus. Sorry, I digress. Anyway, McFeely is a Cork lad and his lo-fi musical stylings remind me very much of Beck (a resident of Los Angeles, roughly 5,000 miles west of Cork) and, let's face it, that's no bad thing.

I mention this for the simple reason that despite being old enough to know better I still make playlists; I'm picking James and Janneke up from the station on Saturday and I thought I'd put a few tunes in the car. It's gonna be 27 degrees this weekend, so I can't think of anything more apt.

Simple Kid - Staring at the Sun (2003)


  1. Wow, John, thanks for reminding me of Simple Kid. After catching him on Later - do you remember 'The Average Man'? - I saw him supporting Joseph Arthur & Juliette Lewis at Queen Elizabeth Hall in 2006, and it was quite a novelty to see someone perform with a laptop and screen back then. He had a charming naivete about him, some great lyrics too. His song 'Serotonin' has come back to me now you've brought him into my mind. Thank you (and stay cool!)

  2. He put out some good 'uns that's for sure. This was the last...

    1. Thank you TS - I'll give it a coat of looking at. I may even add it to my new playlist!

    2. Oh how funny, just re-read that old post of yours, TS, and I had said practically the same thing, almost word-for-word - certainly the same adjectives - as I did here! (Yet had totally forgotten doing so...)