Sunday 9 December 2018

Shimmering, glimmering

The plane touched down yesterday just after three o'clock. It was wet. It was windy. It was cold; everything Lanzarote wasn't. A miserable December Saturday afternoon in the UK has absolutely nothing going for it whatsoever. Even the pilot was apologetic, bless him.

Rewind less than 24 hours and I'd been gazing out to sea thinking how much more tolerable life would be if this was my view, this was my vista; a light so bright and so beautifully sharp, that, if I close my eyes (even as I'm typing this), I can still see. Let's hope I can still retrieve it from my memory bank next week, and the week after... 

Charles Trenet - La Mer (1946)


  1. Methinks you have post-holiday blues. They will pass, but lovely to see that pic at the top, and lovely to hear La Mer in all its original goodness. It'll soon be Christmas!!

    1. Yep, you're right. I was quite pleased with that photograph tho'.

      Hmm, Christmas you say? Not a big fan.

    2. As I said, it will pass.

      No, not a big fan either, and going to keep it low key this year. Will be a nice change.